What is Biopolymer?

Biopolymer HDPE and PET materials are produced using ethanol from the waste of sugarcane as opposed to conventional HDPE and PET which traditionally contain fossil based raw materials such as oil or natural gas.  The renewable sugarcane captures CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Unlike regular biopolymers, which can’t be recycled without damaging the recycling chain.  Our biopolymers are totally recyclable and provide genuine direct replacement for standard HDPE and PET.

What is the expected life expectancy of the 500ml bottles?

Assuming the bottles are not mistreated we would envisage that they would need to be replaced every 4 months, but don’t worry the bottles and the caps can be recycled when this is required.

What stops guests from taking/packing the larger bottles when they leave?

The size of the bottles and the pump cap make the bottles prohibitively heavy and awkward to pack in suitcases.  By offering a gift set we believe this negates any disappointment of not having traditional take home miniatures.  We also have customised steel brackets available to securely hold the product in general use bathrooms throughout your property.

How hygienic is this system?

Very, biopolymers do not harbour bacteria and are as hygienic as traditional plastics.  We recommend wiping down caps with a simple bathroom sanitiser (ideally eco-friendly) when they are refilled.

How much product can be saved using this system?

We estimate that by adopting this system your guests will use more than 30% less product over the course of a week compared to traditional miniatures, if comparing ml v ml.

How can we make this unique to our hotel?

We can package the take home gift set in an eco-linen drawstring bag with bespoke branding to your hotel or resort.

Are there any other products in the range?

Yes we also have a 40g, Seaweed and Sage, paper wrapped, hand soap that compliments the range and a 100% natural Mosquito mist to repel insects and sand flies.  An after sun and SPF 30 sun balm are also being developed.

Can we make money from this scheme?

Unlike traditional hotel miniatures we recommend that you have the larger 500ml bottles available to buy at a RRP of $30US each as well as the Mosquito Mist at $10 US.

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