Our Story


Inspired by the ingredients, oceans and fragrances of the Caribbean, Neem Avenue has been created to combine the best in organic, natural beauty with the pressing need to reduce single use plastic.

The average hotel bathroom throws away almost 1,000 single use plastic bottles a year. For an average sized hotel that equates to approx. 115,000 bottles annually. This waste extends across all sectors of hospitality and Neem Avenue was created to solve for the ever pressing issue of plastic waste by creating a product that encompasses both sustainability and luxury.

Our goal is to help you start or continue your plastic free journey without compromising on completely natural, luxury products. We strive to protect our beautiful, unique surroundings with a chic and sustainable range of amenities. We use only fully recyclable and refillable bottles.


Founders Buz and Debbie have the hospitality world in their blood, with years of first hand experience between them. Together they have harnessed their love for the Caribbean with their industry knowledge to create Neem Avenue.

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