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Our Story

Our story.

Inspired by the ingredients, oceans and fragrances of the Caribbean, Neem Avenue has been created to combine the best in organic, natural beauty with the pressing need to reduce single use plastic.

Using plants such as Neroli, Grapefruit, Clary Sage, Magnolia and Sweet Orange we have created the highest quality products that naturally cleanse and moisturise without any harmful chemicals, biproducts or allergens.

The average hotel bathroom throws away almost 1,000 single use plastic bottles a year.  For an average sized hotel that equates to approx. 115,000 bottles annually.  We must also consider the potential chemical impact of the contents of these products.  By supplying Neem Avenue to hotel rooms in larger refillable bottles we can dramatically reduce this and help keep our lands and oceans clean from plastic waste and harmful pollutants.

Neem Avenue has created a unique solution to this rising concern of travellers and travel experts by providing 500ml biopolymer bottles with recyclable pump caps for each of the key bathroom products; shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion.  Guests are invited to use as much of the contents as they wish throughout their stay but to leave behind the bottles upon departure.  These bottles may then be refilled for reuse by the next guest.  So as to avoid any disappointment we also offer a gift set, of each product in travel size, for guests to take away with them upon departure as a thank you and to remind them of the beauty of the Caribbean.

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Blue Waters Hotel is the first in Antigua, if not the Caribbean to start a plastic free journey and are adopting different schemes throughout the property to encourage guests to help lead the way to a cleaner future.